Core Character Values

The discipline of training, learning teamwork, following the leadership of coaches and captains, learning to lose – all can provide athletes with skills they need to be great students, to succeed in the work force, to mentor their own children, and to be leaders. WBA intentionally mentors young people to recognize and apply these Core Character Traits to enable success in baseball and in life:

Integrity – “committed to do the right thing.”
Knowledge – “eager to learn.”
Discipline (Self-Control) – “focused on the task at hand.”
Perseverance – “adapting and overcoming with a positive attitude.”
Respect – “valuing others, oneself, and the game.”
Initiative – “recognizing and doing what needs to be done.”

These are also World Baseball Academy’s Organizational Values. We strive to exemplify them with excellence in all we do. 

"The WBA sees the value of mentoring relationships, personal development, excellence, and teamwork as skills that will far outlast the final inning that a player experiences on the field.” - Steve Doan, Parent