2024 Dinner on the Diamond

A Little Bit About WBA

World Baseball Academy is a local not-for-profit that lives out its vision daily, by developing leaders who positively impact our world.  Our passion for developing young people inspires us to reach all kids, not just those whose families can afford baseball lessons and tournaments, or those who are physically or developmentally capable of mainstream competitive sports.  That's why we created On Deck.


On Deck programs are geared toward at-risk youth and include adult role models as well as leadership & life skills development as a means to accomplish WBA's vision of developing future leaders.  


In an effort to keep these programs going strong, WBA will be partnering with Scheerer McCulloch Auctioneers to host an event called "Dinner on the Diamond - Picnic at the Plate" @ the ASH Centre on September 14, 2024 from 6:00PM - 9:00PM.


This event is an annual fundraiser that includes food, beverages, entertainment and a lively auction.  The proceeds from this event benefit WBA's On Deck programs.   Help us support the 1,800 + boys and girls that now participate annually in these leadership development initiatives!


World Baseball Academy is so grateful for the numerous nonprofit partnerships that help make these programs the success they have become here in Northeast Indiana.  Collaboration with organizations such as Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, StarBase, Turnstone,  Impact Center, Little Leagues, Area Schools and more are gaining momentum in the development of young leaders!


Help support On Deck as we invest in our next generation of difference makers!

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