Core 30

WBA’s Core 30 program provides year round mentoring. Young people who want to learn more about baseball are paired with a knowledgeable instructor who cares about each student’s life beyond the game. These mentor instructors teach life lessons emphasizing WBA Core Character Traits. The value the WBA places on these traits is also communicated to parents, who also find support and friendship from our On Deck Director.

World Baseball Academy maintains a designated Scholarship Fund to which young people may apply to participate in the Core 30 program.  

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"The impact that WBA has had on my life and those of my family are invaluable. When I signed my son up, I thought I was getting extra baseball instruction; instead I have two sons who have gained not only baseball instruction but life support and instruction from an entire organization. They have a group of friends that they have spent several years with and are all working together towards one goal to help each other become better young men. I see them volunteer and invest in the lives of other boys and girls in the community by using what they have learned in their weekly groups. Not only do they do it because they have been asked but they do it because they genuinely want to help others the way they have been helped. 

My family has been impacted by the relationships we have with the instructors. Their group leaders have invested personally in the emotional, physical, and mental health of my children. They approach each one differently based on their individual personalities. They make each young man feel important and special. They don't compare but help each to work on their weaknesses without judgement and praise them for their strengths. They support them in all aspects of their life by coming to school events and other activities for no other reason than to show that child their support.

My children have two people who support them with the love of parents, without judgement or comparison. My son has developed such a relationship with his leaders that he will say he wants to talk to them about certain issues because "it is just different talking to them" or "he just understands what I am trying to say." They have truly earned the respect of my teenagers. My family is beyond blessed to have found an organization who fosters these kinds of leaders."    

Emily R., Parent of two Core 30 Participants