Why Go?

An International Baseball Mission Trip experience has the unique ability to accelerate the personal growth process of an individual (Adult or Youth) who participate.    Our World Baseball Academy vision is to develop leaders who positively impact our world.  That vision is often fulfilled in two distinct ways when we host an international mission trip experience.  The individuals who participate grow personally through the shared experience process while positively impacting others whom they are serving. 

The "WHY"   --  The question is often asked "why do international mission trips accelerate the personal growth of an individual?


Seeking comfort, however natural it is, will never enable growth.   Stepping out of your comfort zone means expecting and welcoming change.  The international experience allows individuals (Adult or Youth) to enter into a new culture and gives first-hand account of seeing a different way of life. 

“These trips have allowed me to connect with different people and different cultures in a way that I would have never experienced back home”.  -  Andrew Armstrong, U of Indy Student


In our fast-paced American culture, we rarely have time to slow down, separate, and reflect on what truly matters in our life.   Short-term missions can often function like a reset button that clarifies our perspective.   There is something special about interacting with international children who may have less than us yet seeing them display a joy and contentment that is often unseen in America.  Individuals return home less materialistic, appreciative of other cultures, and having built a cross-cultural relationship with the native people that can often last a lifetime.  

“Before this trip, I would often complain about the types of sports fields that I competed on.  Now, after seeing what little some of these kids have and their joy to simply play the game has completely altered my perspective.” – Chad Brooks, Indiana Tech Student


Relationships change everything.   When individuals begin to use their personal skill sets/gifts to serve others as a relationship building tool it simply changes people.   The international missions experience allows individual to use what they are already gifted at as a tool to serve others.   A new reality sets in when we discover that our talents are not just for own benefit but that they can make the world a better place.

“I did not know my involvement in sports would have prepared me to use those skills to build relationships with kids from another country.  This experience really motivated me to look for ways to use what I’m already good at to have a positive impact on others.”   – Allison Frazier, Middle School Student


Shared experiential activities are proven to be the single most effective way to increasing success and group effort.  The missions experience allows the group of participants to unite in a common goal and break down barriers.  Overall, team building enables better communication, better relationships and ultimately increases individuals ability to be successful in whatever they choose to pursue.