“The World Baseball Academy is invaluable to the Fort Wayne community. The kids may enter the dugout as kids, but they leave as leaders.

“People in Fort Wayne should rally around the campaign to raise money for the WBA because the WBA is a separator, a difference maker for the young people of Fort Wayne.”


Eric Wedge,

MLB Manager, Seattle Mariners


Scholarship Program FAQs


Scholarship Program - Interview

Scholarship Program Interview
Cheryl Jones - Mother of participant

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rship Program

What is World Baseball Academy?

World Baseball Academy is a locally based nonprofit that uses
baseball as the platform to impact the lives of young people.  
Our vision is develop leaders who positively impact our world. 
WBA serves over 3,000 young people annually through our tournaments, training programs, and internationals trips.


How do I apply for a Scholarship?

An applicant (player) should fill out the Application Form with their Parent or Legal Guardian and submit that paperwork to World Baseball Academy. Each applicant will need to secure one reference and have that reference fill out and mail in a Reference Application Form.


When are scholarships awarded?

World Baseball Academy Scholarship Committee meets several times throughout the year to review and approve scholarship applications based on eligibility and criteria set up by the Scholarship Committee. At the conclusion of that process, each applicant will receive a letter either verifying that they have been approved or thanking them for their submission.


What happens if I am awarded a scholarship?

World Baseball Academy scholarship director will contact all scholarship award winners and begin scheduling a baseball evaluation session and inform the award winners of group training programs that they are eligible to participate in.


What happens if I want to continue my training beyond the initial scholarship?

World Baseball Academy would like to develop long-term mentoring relationships with scholarship award winners as long as the participants are meeting the WBA expectations. Therefore, applicants will be given the opportunity to renew their scholarship and continue to make progress in character development as well as skill development.


Who should I contact about more information?

Feel free to contact Melinda Petersen, Scholarship Director, for any questions on the Scholarship Program.  
Melinda can be reached at 260-385-7542  /  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Scholarship Program


Scholarship Program

    Scholarship Program