Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy Info Poster

WBA Leadership Academy is a program that allows students to acquire leadership skills and knowledge through a series of stages to further enhance their leadership capacity.

The purpose of  WBA Leadership Academy is to provide a pathway to leadership that promotes and accomplishes WBA strategic priority outcomes.

  • Skill Development
  • Core Character Values Awareness
  • Core Character Values Application
  • Serving (Volunteerism)
  • Leadership Roles

To provide a “learning by doing” program focused on the development of servant minded leadership.

Harvard Business School - Excerpt from Pfeffer and Sutton article called “The Knowing-Doing Gap:  How Smart Companies Turn Knowledge into Action.” 

“The question is why does knowledge of what needs to be done frequently fail to result in action or behavior consistent with that knowledge.  We came to call this the knowing-doing gap. The answer to the ‘knowing-doing’ problem is deceptively simple:  Embed more of the process of acquiring new knowledge in the actual doing of the task and less in formal training programs that are frequently ineffective.  As one comprehensive study of the development of executives concluded, ‘one learns to be a leader by serving as a leader.’  But this practice is rarely followed.”