On Deck Initiative

WBA’s passion for developing young people inspires us to reach all kids, not just those whose families can afford baseball lessons and teams, or those who are physically or developmentally capable of mainstream competitive sports. That’s why WBA offers On Deck for underserved and at-risk boys and girls.

World Baseball Academy’s On Deck programs serve at-risk boys and girls ages 5 to 18 to help them reach their full potential, overcoming challenges including socioeconomic status and intellectual or physical disability. Opportunities to learn, be mentored, and to serve are offered at little or no cost to families.

On Deck programs are diverse in terms of race, gender, ethnicity and abilities. Summer Camp programs promoted heavily through Boys and Girls Clubs and New Covenant Church, have the highest percentage of minority participation. Adaptive Baseball Camps include participants with all levels of physical, developmental and intellectual abilities.

  • 20% to 60% of On Deck Summer Camp participants are African American or multi-racial, and generally at least 30% of Camp participants are girls.  About 140 elementary age kids participate in Summer Camps.
  • Participation in the year ‘round On Deck Core Program is limited to 30 to 40 middle and high school students.  30% to 60% of these students are either African American or multi-racial, and generally at least 10 to 15% have Latino ethnicity. Less than 5% are girls.