Softball Tournament Rules

Age Requirements

The Hoosier Classic Softball Tournaments are following the age guidelines that have been implemented by the majority of youth baseball organizations. 

Division: Birth Years
10u: 2009 - 2010
12u: 2007 - 2008
14u: 2005 - 2006
16u: 2003 - 2004
18u: 2001 - 2002

10u – 18u Events

NFHS RULES apply with the following exceptions & clarifications


Ages 10U: 35 ft Mound / 60 ft Bases
Ages 12U: 40 ft Mound / 60 ft Bases
Ages 14U-18U: 43 ft Mound / 60 ft Bases


7 Inning Games -- Subject to: 1 Hour 15 Minute Time Limit

Once time hits you can finish that inning completely but no new inning can begin. A new inning begins when the 3rd out in the bottom half of an inning is made. *If time hits in the bottom half, and Home Team is winning, complete the current at bat then game is over. **We play until time hits!!**


Pool Play: Home & Visitors will be pre-determined by tournament director.

Championship / Consolation: Higher Seed will be Home Team. If same seeds are playing then teams will flip for home/visitor.


12 Run Rule after 3 innings, 10 Run Rule after 4 innings, 8 Run Rule after 5 Innings

All Games: Pool Play and Championship/Consolation Rounds


The Hoosier Classics do not have a mandatory pitching limit. Coaches are responsible for player safety!


Courtesy runners for Pitchers & Catchers anytime. Mandatory for Catchers with 2 outs.

Courtesy Runners need to be any player currently not in the game. If teams do not have any bench players then they may designate the last batter to be out as the courtesy runner.

The same player may serve as the Courtesy Runner multiple times


Continuous Batting Order – Optional

Designated Hitter - Optional

Extra Hitter - Optional

Coaches simply need to clarify offensive lineup with Umpires and Opposing Coach prior to the start of the game. Offensively players MUST stay in their original offensive spot in the line-up.


Free Substitution for both starters and substitute’s players in regards to entry and re-entry into the game. Offensively players MUST stay in their original offensive spot in the line-up.

If a team is batting a Continuous Order or has no remaining Subs and an injury or ejection occurs the spot in the batting order will be declared an out.


Ages 10U - 18U: All ASA, USSSA, & NSA bats are all legal


Teams with overall best record will be placed in highest seed. For seeding purposes the following tie breakers rules will be used in order.

1.) Most Wins
2.) Fewest Losses
3.) Two Way Tie: Head to Head
4.) Three / Four Way Tie: Head to Head
5.) Fewest Runs Allowed in All of Pool Play
6.) Most Runs Scored in All of Pool Play
7.) Coin Flip