World Baseball Academy STEM initiative is an innovative way to connect with ALL kids through the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics of the game of baseball. Our fun, hands on “learning by doing” curriculum allows staff and volunteers to build relationships with young people while helping them become of aware of future career paths and WBA core character traits.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are integral to baseball. Applications of geometry, aerodynamics, balance, gravity, velocity, transfer of energy, and math measure every movement of every player, creating endless statistical models that track progress and determine the elite. Baseball players excel when they understand what the numbers reveal and how the laws of physics apply to skill development and game strategy. STEM subjects therefore come easily to WBA’s baseball instructors, but that is not why World Baseball Academy includes STEM education in its programs. WBA uses STEM to ignite a desire for knowledge, a core character leadership trait.

  • STEM Classroom Sessions
  • STEM Field Trips
  • STEM Graduation Speeches
  • STEM Summer Camp

For more information please reach out Austen Rigelman, WBA STEM Director, by emailing 


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